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Welcome to EURO-INDIA CHEMS Pvt. Ltd.

We are an Export House firm based in Mumbai for last 15 years working partnered with factories in India to provide Pharma Raw material (API and Intermediates) requirements across continents.

Our firm is merely not working as a commission agent supplier but we work as a firm who will ensure the needs of our end users with following functions undertaken by us for the order supply:

    - Choice of the Best source maker factory in India for the desired product and quality
    - AUDIT of the supplier Factory to meet standards
    - Periodic inspection of the Raw Materials used in the production of the ORDERED product
    - Regular Process check up of the Supplier Factory where required.
    - Ensure final product quality with independent LAB report for the defined Standards of supply offer.
    - Offer the best products by choosing the right maker factory source for the desired product of our Buyers
    - Finance the product purchase by paying the Factory in Advance and ensure COMMITTED priority delivery
    - Ensure perfect Delivery commitment and supply logistics for same to our associate buyers etc

We are pleased to say that it has been our consistent reliable performance for delivery and Quality that we are successful in being considered as a Good supplier from India by EUROPEAN & LATIN AMERICAN firms .We would like to share our experience in some of the products and any others that your esteemed firm will be having requirements for supply and would earnestly like to be registered for same for your firms requirements.

For any of your requirements do send us the enquiry with Product Full Name - CAS number - and approx QTY in Kgs as a requirement - with desired specs and we will be pleased to respond and make a good effort to start a business relationship with your esteemed Firm.

With very best regards and assuring you of our best co-operation for our services.

Sachin Iyengar
Euro-India Chems
Skype ID: indiamumbai
Mobile: +91 97693-33443

1-Tert Butyl-3-isopropyl thiourea [CAS No 52599-24-3]
2-Nitro Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride [CAS No 1694-92-4]
3-(Bromoacetyl)pyridine hydrobromide [CAS No 17694-68-7]
3-Nitro Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride CAS No 121-51-7]
4-Nitro Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride [CAS No 98-74-8]
4-Nitrobenzaldehyde [CAS No 555-16-8]
Acridone N-Acetic Acid [CAS No 38609-97-1]
Benzal Phthalide [CAS No 575-61-1]

D(-) Phenyl Glycine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride [CAS No 19883-41-1]
N-Bromosuccinimide [CAS No 128-08-5]
Palmitoyl chloride [CAS No 112-67-4]
Phthalide [CAS No  87-41-2]
Sodium 1,2,4 Triazole [CAS No 41253-21-8]
Sodium Cyanoborohydride [CAS No 25895-60-7]
Tri-O-Tolyl Phosphine [CAS No 6163-58-2]

Intermediate for Zoledronic Acid
• Imidazol-1-yl-acetic acid [CAS No 22884-10-2]

Intermediate for Levocetirizine
• 4-Chlorobenzhydryl Amine Free Base [CAS No 150700-52-0]

Intermediate for Carvedilol, Linezolide
• Potassium Phthalimide [CAS No 1074-82-4]

Intermediate for Azelnidipine
• Aminodiphenylmethane/ Benzhydryl Amine Free Base  [CAS No 91-00-9]

Aluminium Hydroxide (Dried Gel)
Betahistine Mesilate
Cetirizine Di HCL
Cetyl Pyridium chloride
Clopidogrel Bisulphate Form I
Clopidogrel Bisulphate Form II
Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulphate
Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Fluvoxamine Maleate

Lanthanum Carbonate
Levocetirizine Di HCL IHS
Levocetirizine IP
Levomepromazine Maleate
Lidocaine HCL Base

Memantine HCL
Phenytoin Sodium  Base
Prochlorperazine Maleate
Ractopamine HCl
S - Amlodipine Besylate
Strontium Ranelate
Tiotropium Bromide
Trifluoperazine HCL
Trimetazidine Sulphadizine